Hey babe, Welcome to our community!

Younique Envy is founded and ran by babes just like you who understand that for women, fashion is both an emotion and a language.

What we wear often becomes an extension of our personality and unfortunately in the current era of “following trends”, we have forgotten how to be our own true self.

Why run after being someone else when you are truly unique yourself?

Younique Envy is here to remind you how special you are by bringing you a line of clothing that brings out your personality.

You are beautiful, confident, resilient, vivacious - and our designs will help you feel it.

Remember, you are a babe - You don’t have one particular style.

You are subtle, laidback, and chilled when you need to be,

And you can effortlessly transform into someone wild, bold, and edgy when the situation (or your mood) demands it.

At Younique Envy, We have unique designs and combinations that are a perfect fit for all of your emotions and occasions.

We also encourage you to explore all aspects of your personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different designs!

After all, you are so stunningly beautiful in your own way - Our clothes are just a small reminder of your uniqueness.